We are committed to building a culture of safety in which children are protected from abuse and harm in all areas including online safety.

Keeping Children Safe in Education states “The breadth of issues classified within online safety is considerable, but can be categorised into three areas of risk:

  • content: being exposed to illegal, inappropriate or harmful material;
  • contact: being subjected to harmful online interaction with other users; and
  • conduct: personal online behaviour that increases the likelihood of, or causes harm”

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is ultimately responsible for online safety concerns. All concerns need to be raised as soon as possible to Anne Ridgway and Heather Gardner.

Within the preschool we aim to keep children (and staff) safe online by:

  • Ensuring we have appropriate antivirus and anti-spyware software on all devices and update them regularly
  • Ensuring content blockers and filters are on all our devices, e.g. computers, laptops and any mobile devices
  • Keeping passwords safe and secure.
  • Ensure management monitor all internet activities in the setting
  • Locking away all nursery devices at the end of the day
  • Ensuring no social media or messaging apps are installed on nursery devices
  • Ensuring all devices are password protected. Passwords should be kept safe and secure.
  • Monitoring internet usage across the preschool
  • Management reviewing all apps or games downloaded to tablets to ensure all are age appropriate for children and safeguard the children and staff.
  • Using only preschool devices to record/photograph in the setting. Never emailing personal or financial information
  • Reporting emails with inappropriate content to the internet watch foundation (IWF
  • Ensuring children are supervised when using internet devices
  • Teaching children how to stay safe online and report any concerns they have.
  • Not permitting staff or visitors access to the preschool Wi-Fi
  • Provide training for staff at least once every two years in online safety and understanding how to keep children safe online. We encourage staff and families to complete a online safety briefing which can be found at
  • We abide by an acceptable use policy; ensuring staff only use the work IT equipment for matters relating to the children and their education and care. No personal use will be tolerated
  • Under no circumstances should any member of staff, either at work or in any other place, make, deliberately download, possess, or distribute material they know to be illegal, for example child sexual abuse material
  • Children’s screen time is monitored to ensure they remain safe online and have access to material that promotes their development. We will ensure that their screen time is within an acceptable level and is integrated within their programme of learning
  • The preschool is aware of the need to manage our digital reputation, including the appropriateness of information and content that we post online, both professionally and personally. This is continually monitored by the setting’s management.
  • All electronic communications between staff and parents should be professional and take place via the official preschool communication channels, e.g. the setting’s email addresses and telephone numbers. This is to protect staff, children and parents.
  • If any concerns arise relating to online safety then we will follow our safeguarding policy and report all online safety concerns to the DSL.
  • The DSL will make sure that:
  • All staff know how to report a problem and when to escalate a concern, including the process for external referral if they feel it is needed
    All concerns are logged, assessed and actioned upon using the preschools Safeguarding procedure
  • Parents are supported to develop their knowledge of online safety issues concerning their children via
  • Parents are offered support to help them talk about online safety with their children using appropriate resources and are signposted to appropriate sources of support regarding online safety at home and are fully supported to understand how to report an online safety concern e.g.
  • The Professionals Online Safety Helpline (0344 381 4772 or is shared with all staff and used if any concerns arise
  • Refer to to ensure all requirements are met in order to keep children and staff safe online
  • Share with the wider team to help them to keep themselves safe online, both personally and professionally.

Mobile phone and electronic device usage

This includes cameras, mobile phones, tablets , smart watches, fitbits and any other recording device.

  • Practitioners must not have their private mobile phones or any other electronic device able to take pictures, record videos, on their person during working hours that children are in the setting.
  • Mobile phones or other electronic devices able to take pictures, record videos, will be placed in a box on arrival in the preschool playrooms and must be collected before leaving. (including any students, volunteers or parent/carer helpers)
  • Practitioners may use their mobile or electronic device during a designated lunch break in an area away from the children, but must not engage in any online activity that may compromise their professional responsibilities.
  • Practitioners are not able to have access to their mobile phones or any other electronic device that accepts calls, messages and video calling whilst they are working to ensure that they are completely attentive to the needs of the children. A smart watch maybe worn if the above functions are switched off during work time.
  • The setting’s contact number 01202 686965 should be given as an emergency number in case practitioners need to be contacted. In exceptional circumstances any other individual need to receive a message or call on a mobile device during working hours will be discussed with and remain at the discretion of the manager, but the device will remain within sight of the manager and not used in areas of the preschool accessed by children.
  • Practitioners must not use personal cameras/mobile phones to photograph children.
  • Images taken of the setting or it’s children must be taken on the settings camera, tablets, and downloaded onto the setting computer/laptop only. Images must not be downloaded onto any personal computer.
  • Visitors and parents will be asked to switch off their mobile phones, if they need to use them it must be done out of the playrooms and away from the children.
  • Visitors and parents are not permitted to use any recording device or camera (including those on mobile phones or smart watches) on the preschool premises.
  • A notice must be displayed informing parents and visitors the preschool rooms are mobile free areas.
  • Cameras, tablets and mobile phones are not permitted within toilet and intimate care areas.

Digital and Video Images

  • Permission from parent/carers should be obtained and documented before any images of their children are recorded.
  • Parents must be made fully are of how any images of their children may be used or must and have the right to decide if they wish their children to be photographed. Parents must be able to have a say how these photos will be used.
  • Digital images should be stored in a separate file on the computer, which is accessed by setting practitioners only. These images must be stored in accordance with data protection laws.
  • When using digital images, practitioners should be aware of the risk taking, using, sharing, publishing and the distribution of images. They should only be shared as appropriate and in line with the setting policy.
  • Practitioners (with parental permission) may take digital images using the settings camera or tablets only to support educational aims, but must follow the settings policies.
  • Staff should be vigilant when taking digital/video images of the children to ensure they are appropriately dressed.
    Written parental permission must be obtained and recorded before photographs are published on the settings website, or used for any other purpose.
  • Children’s full names should not be used anywhere on the settings website or literature.
  • All parents should be asked to provide written permission/consent for photographs/digital images to be recorded during setting events i.e. parties, fetes and fund raising. Individual parents wishes must be considered.

Social Networking

Social media is becoming a large part of the world we live in and as such we need to make sure we protect our children by having procedures in place for safe use.

  • Practitioners, volunteers, students, committee members, registered bodies etc should not put any details of their work on any form of social networking site, or engage in any on line activity that may compromise their professional responsibilities.
  • Photographs, names of or comments about children within the setting must never be placed on any social networking site.
  • Practitioners should not post anything that could be construed to have an impact on the preschool reputation and ensure all posts reflect their professional role in the community (e.g. no inappropriate social events photos, inappropriate comments i.e. foul language.)
  • Practitioners should not correspond with setting families through social networking sites. (excluding practitioners with their immediate families who are accessing the preschool services)
  • All electronic communication between staff and parents should be professional and take place via the official preschool communication channels e.g. preschool telephone and e mail. This is to protect children, parents and staff.
  • If a practitioner receives a question from a parent via a social networking site then they should reply asking them to contact the preschool on or to come in to the setting, and always report the matter to the manager.
  • Staff should be aware of possible implications when entering any personal details on any gaming or social networking sites e.g. facebook, twitter, my space etc.
  • The settings computer/laptop/tablets should only be used for setting related activities, and practitioners will not be allowed to use them or their mobile phones to access social networking sites on the preschool premises.
  • All communications should be transparent and open to scrutiny.

If any of the above points are not followed then the member of staff involved will face disciplinary action, which could result in dismissal.
We ask parents not to:
Send friend requests to any member of preschool staff.
Take screen shot or share photos or posts received from the preschool online platforms including Tapestry.
We ask parents to:
Share any concerns regarding inappropriate social media to the managers (see parents partnership policy, complaints procedure)

Computer and Laptop

  • Practitioners must not use the setting’s computer/laptop/tablets for personal use.
  • Any apps downloaded to preschool devices must be done by a member of the management team to ensure only age and content appropriate apps are accessible to staff and children.
  • You should ensure that all programmes used and websites accessed are appropriate and that children are not able to access or download material which is unsuitable.
  • Practitioners should not forward any of the settings work files, information etc stored on the setting computer/laptop to their home PC.
  • Practitioners should not use personal memory devices in the settings computer/laptop, written information that does not include personal details e.g. curriculum planning contained on the settings memory stick may only be removed with the agreement of both managers.
  • All ICT equipment should remain in the setting unless being updated or repaired.
  • This is to minimise the risk of computer viruses and for data protection purposes.
  • Practitioners should not access, copy, remove or otherwise alter any other user’s files, without their express permission.
  • All e-mail communication should be appropriate and written in a professional manner.
  • Caution should be taken if personal e-mail addresses are used on the settings computer/laptop.
  • E-mail attachments should only be opened if they are from a source known and trusted, due to the risk of the attachment containing viruses or other harmful programmes.
  • Illegal or inappropriate materials MUST NOT be uploaded, downloaded or accessed.
  • Practitioners should ensure that the settings computer/laptop is used appropriately to avoid disabling or damaging equipment.
  • Practitioners should not install or store programmes of any type nor try to alter any computer/laptop settings, unless permission has been granted and changes are in line with policies and procedures.
  • Practitioners should not try (unless permission has been given) to make large downloads or uploads that might take up internet capacity and prevent other users from being able to carry out work.
  • Passwords are kept safe and secure.
  • Children are supervised when using internet devices and staff ensure that the material promotes their development.

Online Learning Journals (Tapestry)

We have chosen to use an online system of recording your child’s learning in preschool. Tapestry is a website which can be accessed on a computer or laptop, and also on any Apple or Android device such as a tablet or smartphone.  We have chosen this company because they are a secure and it’s an exciting way of keeping track of your child’s development and their time with us.
We will be able to instantly upload photos, videos and observations of your children. You are then emailed to alert you that something new has been added to your child’s Learning Journal and can log on and view what your child has been up to.  A massive advantage of this system is that you can instantly add your own comments to entries and can show your child’s online book to members of the family.
The safeguarding of your children is very important to us.  Everything that is added to Tapestry will be added to our preschool account and can only be viewed by preschool staff that use the system, and also yourself, using your own log on. You will only have access to your child’s own learning journal and this cannot be seen by other parents.  
It is crucial that you do not share photos or videos from your child’s book on social media or through other online platforms.  Any incidents where this confidentiality is broken will be dealt with very seriously and will result in your access to the system being withdrawn.


The devices in preschool to access tapestry, take photos/videos etc of the children and record these directly into their online learning journals are used for this purpose only and we must not install applications such as social media and messaging sites to these devices.
Keypersons will complete most work on tapestry in the setting but may with managers agreement access Tapestry from a device at home. In order that we can maintain professional boundaries and protect ourselves and our families we need to agree with and follow the guidance as set out below:

  • Plan where you are going to work, the information in all the children’s journals is private and confidential and should not be shown to any others. We have agreed NOT to share or let any one else outside the setting view these pictures and comments without prior consent and reason.
  • Do not tell anyone else your preschool e mail or password.
  • Do not save your tapestry access password onto your device at home.  Usually a box will come up to say save password – select no.
    Log out of tapestry every time you finish working or leave your device.
  • Do not save anything from tapestry to your computer.
  • We do not have permission from families to share their information with other families, if you are asked to do so please report to managers.
  • Do not speak to families on other social media platforms.
  • Parents are asked to use the preschool e mail for any questions or queries, if they are asking you directly please refer them to the e mail the managers will answer.
  • The managers will access Tapestry weekly, everything you write is recorded, if you feel uncomfortable with anything you are shown or asked – contact the managers for advice.

If any of the above points are not followed then the member of staff involved will face disciplinary action, which could result in dismissal.

This policy was reviewed August 2020

Signed on behalf of the Preschool Anne Ridgway and Heather Gardner