Home Visits


We aim to provide the opportunity for every new child and family to participate in a home visit prior to their child starting at the setting. The purpose of this is to help the child, family and staff get to know more about each other in the home environment where the child usually feels more relaxed. Home visits also allow parents/carers to be involved in their child’s learning and developmental process from the earliest stage. Only one home visit per family is usual. 


  • A key person will be allocated before the child starts and introduced at the first getting to know you session where the child and a parent/carer is invited to play for approximately an hour at the preschool. 
  • A mutually agreeable date and time will be made usually at the getting to know you session for the home visit to take place, usually after the preschool sessions have finished for the day.
  • A home visit will always be attended by two members of staff, the keyperson  and another member. They will stay together during the visit and would not expect to be left alone with the child. 
  • Visits will last a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • One member of staff will use the visit as a means of talking with the family and gathering information about the child, checking documentation and answering any questions they may have. The other staff member will give attention to the child during this time.
  • Staff are conscious that they are guests in the family’s home and will treat all families with respect. 
  • Staff will carry a mobile phone for emergency purposes. A record of home visits will be kept in the class managers diary.
  • At any time parents/carers may ask both staff members to leave and do not have to give a reason why.
  • Staff will make their own way to and way back from the family’s home. If using their own car staff millage allowance is available, they will also need to inform their insurers it is being used for business purposes.
  • In the event of an incident or confrontation staff must inform the manager and complete an incident report at the earliest opportunity.

This policy was reviewed August 2019

Signed on behalf of the Preschool Anne Ridgway and Heather Gardner