Partnership policy

Parental involvement


We believe that children benefit most from preschool education and care when parents and pre-schools work together in partnership to support parents as their children’s first and most important educators and to involve parents in the life of the preschool and their children’s education. When we refer to “parents” we mean both mothers and fathers; these include natural or birth parents as well as step parents and parents who do not live with their children, but have contact with them and play a part in their lives. Parents’ also include same sex and foster parents. “Parental responsibility” is all the rights, duties, powers and responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of child has in relation to the child and his property.


  • we are committed to ongoing dialogue with parents to improve our knowledge of the needs of their children and to support their families;
  • through access to written information and through regular informal communication, we inform all parents about how the group is run and its policies. 
  • We invite parents to an annual meeting held in January each year, to share ideas and make contributions to the organisation and running of the preschool.
  • we inform all parents on a regular basis about their children’s progress;
  • we involve parents in the shared record keeping about their children, either formally or informally and ensure parents have access to their children’s written records;
  • we provide opportunities for parents to contribute their own skills, knowledge and interests to the activities of the group either through newsletters or at an annual meeting
  • we consult with parents about the times of meetings to avoid excluding anyone;
  • we hold meetings in venues which are accessible and appropriate for all;
  • we welcome the contributions of parents.
  • we inform all parents of the systems for registering queries, complaints or suggestions and check to ensure these are understood. All parents have access to our written complaints procedure; and
  • we provide opportunities for parents to learn about the preschool curriculum, and about young children’s learning in the preschool.
  • We also provide information on children’s health and development.

Conflict resolution with parents who maybe challenging

We have that we have strong partnership with our parents and an open door policy to discuss any matters arising. 

In the unlikely event that a parent starts to act in an aggressive or abusive way at the preschool, our policy is to:

  • Direct the parent away from the children and into a private area such as the office.
  • Ensure that a second member of staff is in attendance, where possible, whilst continuing to offer safe supervision of the children.
  • Act in a clam, professional way, ask the parent to calm down and make it clear we do not tolerate aggressive or abusive language or behaviour.
  • Contact the police if the behaviour escalates.
  • Once the parent calms down, the member of staff will then listen to their concerns and respond appropriately.
  • An incident form will be completed detailing the time, reason and action taken and reported to the chair of the preschool committee.
  • Management will provide any support and reassurance that staff may need following the experience and seek further support where necessary.
  • Management will also sign post parents to further support where applicable.
  • Staff will protect the privacy of the children in our care and ensure that information regarding the incident is kept confidential.

In compliance with the Welfare requirements the following documents are in place:

Admissions policy; Complaints procedure; Record of complaints; Developmental records of children:

Working with other Agencies


We work in partnership with local and national agencies to promote the well-being of all children.


  • Procedures are in place for sharing information about children and families with other agencies. These are set out in our Safeguarding Children, Confidentiality and Special educational Needs procedures.
  • Consent to record and share information is greed with parents/carers at registration.
  • Information shared by other agencies is regarded as third party information, kept in confidence and not shared without their consent.
  • Staff from other agencies are made welcome in our setting, and their professional roles are respected.
  • We follow protocols for working with agencies such as child protection.
  • Staff from other agencies do not have unsupervised access to a child they are visiting or to any other child(ren) during their visit.
  • Our staff do not casually share information or seek informal advice about any named child or family.
  • When necessary we consult with local or national agencies who offer information and advice that may help us best support a child or family.

This policy was reviewed August 2019

Signed on behalf of the Preschool Anne Ridgway and Heather Gardner