Safe in the Sun Policy

Children are encouraged to access outdoor spaces as much as possible throughout the year but during the summer months, we are aware of the need to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun and reduce the risk of skin cancer in later life.

Staff will:

Co-operate with all measures introduced by management to minimise the risks associated with exposure to solar UVR. 

Be responsible for their own sun protective practices at work.

Act as good role models both promoting and setting good examples in seeking shade, wearing suitable clothes including hats and sunscreen.

Discuss how to keep children safe in the sun and evaluate practices.

Record all children who present with sunburn on arrival in our existing injuries book as we recognise sunburn is preventable, painful and can have lasting consequences.


  • All children will have stories, songs and activities during summer term to reinforce the sun protection messages.
  • Information will be made available to staff on sun protection at the beginning of the summer term. 
  • Parents  and  guardians  will  be  sent  a  letter  explaining  what  we  are  doing  about  sun  protection  and how  they  can  help  at  the  beginning  of  the  summer  term  and during  summer  holidays.


  • The children will be encouraged to wear clothes that give good sun protection covering as much of the skin as possible especially shoulders, back and stomach.
  • All children must have a named hat that stays in preschool from April to the end of September which will be easily accessible.  Preferably a legionnaire or bucket style hat that protects their face, ears and back of their neck. 
  • Spare hats will be available for children and adults.
  • Children who refuse to wear a hat will stay inside or undercover.
  • Water is readily available all year however children will be encouraged to increase their water intake during hot weather.
  • On very hot days children will only access the outside areas before 11am.
  • Staff will encourage children outside to access shaded areas e.g. those under cover or in the shade of the building, and move shades or equipment if needed.
  • Staff reserve the right to bring children indoors at any time if they believe it is too hot outside.
  • All children should arrive wearing sun screen in the summer months, a spare sunscreen at least SPF30 with 5 stars, is provided outside the main playroom doors for your use on arrival should you have forgotten to do so at home. 
  • From April to the end of September parents will provide sunscreen for their child if they are staying onto the afternoon session, it must be at least spf 30 with 5 stars and have the child’s name clearly on the original container. Staff will assist children staying on to the afternoon session to have sunscreen reapplied at lunch time with permission from parents/carers if they are going outside.
  • Parents/carers of children who have a medical reason which prevents them from wearing sun screen will be asked to provide an alternative.

This policy was reviewed August 2019

Signed on behalf of the Preschool Anne Ridgway and Heather Gardner