Supervision is a requirement of the Early years Foundation Stage and this policy is based on the premise that the supervision is an integral part of the day to day business of our preschool. It occurs both formally and in other forms including informal discussions and group settings and, in all of these forums the process of supervision should be informed by the standards set out in this document. 

What is supervision

Supervision is the process where one worker is given the responsibility by the preschool to work with another worker(s) in order to meet certain preschool, professional and personal objectives, in order to promote positive outcomes for service users. The objectives are: Competent, accountable performance (management) -Continuing professional development (educational)-Personal support (supportive)-Linking the person to the organisation (mediation). Supervision will provide opportunities for staff to discuss any issues-particularly concerning children’s well-being or development; identify solutions to address issues as they arise; and receive coaching to improve their personal effectiveness.


 The Preschool will:

  • Prioritise supervision as an important activity within the preschool. Cancellations will only be made if there is no alternative and rescheduled for as soon as possible.
  • Ensure an appropriate space for one to one meetings.
  • Provide training for supervisors.
  • Evaluate the quality of the supervision annually including seeking the views of the supervisees.

The Supervisor will:

  • Ensure a minimum delivery for supervision of twice a year to run alongside the appraisal process and annual staff questionnaire.
  • Usually be provided by the two class managers for their team members and also for each other.
  • Ensure that supervision formal and informal is recorded. Development and support of the supervisee will be recorded by supervisor, agreed with supervisee and placed in their individual file. Decisions made about a child will be recorded in their file by the supervisee. Safeguarding concerns will continue to be stored separately by the Lead practitioner. 
  • Ensure the prime focus of the supervision is the quality of the service being received by the children and families.
  • Provide an agenda in advance of formal supervision which will include issues relating to staff development, staff support, personal practice and organisational needs as well as the opportunity to discuss any other issues.
  • Ensure the supervisee is clear about how to raise concerns about the supervision being received.
  • Use the process to learn from good practice and give constructive feedback.
  • Take responsibility for their personal development a supervisor.

The Supervisees will:

  • Take responsibility for attending one to one or group sessions.
  • Prepare adequately and take an active part in the process.
  • Take responsibility for raising concerns about the quality of the supervisory relationship, in the first instance with the supervisor and if this is not possible with another member of the management team. 

This policy was reviewed August 2019

Signed on behalf of the Preschool Anne Ridgway and Heather Gardner