Staying for Lunch

Lunch time is from 12.00 – 1.00 This is a social time when the children sit down in groups around a table with an adult to eat and chat. Time after lunch is spent relaxing with books and puzzles.

Please provide your child with a plastic lunch box with their name clearly on the bottom of it. Place all lunch boxes on the trolley (downstairs outside the main playroom door and upstairs inside the playroom) children will help staff to put them in the fridge after all the children are settled. Please bring their named water bottle, we will refill as needed. Do not put in any other juice drinks. 


A balanced packed lunch should contain:                                

  • Starchy food e.g. bread, pasta, rice, potatoes
  • Protein foods e.g. meat, fish, eggs, beans.
  • A dairy item e.g. cheese or yoghurt.
  • Vegetables or salad, and a portion of fruit.

Some ideas

Starchy foods are a good source of energy and should make up a third of their lunch box. Instead of always giving them sandwiches try bagels, pitta bread, wraps or baguettes. Use brown wholemeal or seeded bread and not white bread. Children like foods they can eat with their fingers, so chop up raw veggies such as carrots and peppers, and give them a dip e.g. houmous to dip their veggies in. Breadsticks and wholemeal crackers are also great finger foods and can be spread with low fat soft cheese or reduced fat cheddar and pickles.

Replace chocolate bars and cakes with fresh or dried fruit. Vary the fruit each day and encourage children to try new fruits. Chop, peel fruit and serve in small snack pots. Try a fruit salad.



Small round foods like grapes and cherry tomatoes must be cut in half lengthways as they are a choking hazard. This is usually a relaxed social time and with many children enjoying it we do not have time to cut up everyone’s fruit. Please also cut up any other foods your child does not usually like to eat whole. 

Make it fun, 

Let your child choose their lunch box. Decorate their sandwich bags or yoghurt pots with stickers, or draw a funny face on fruits like banana skin. Involve them in deciding what goes into their lunch box. 

Portion size  Please consider portion size and do not over fill, any remaining food will be left in your child’s lunch box so that you can clearly see what they have eaten. We would recommend only one round of bread to make a sandwich, half a packet of crisps in a small pot if they are being included, a portion of fruit and one small yoghurt or cheese.

Do not’s

We have a nut free preschool, please do not provide your child with any food containing nuts or nut products e.g. peanut butter spread, some chewy bars, if you are in any doubt please speak to a staff member as this is for the welfare of children and staff who have a serious nut allergy. Children are not allowed to share or swap food.

We say No to:

  • chocolate or chocolate products including chocolate bars/cakes/biscuits,
  • sweets, 
  • nuts or nut products such as peanut butter or chewy bars with nuts in etc, 
  • juice drinks or squashes.

We reserve the right to return to you any items we believe to be unsuitable e.g. nuts, sweets, 

chocolate, food passed the use by date etc.