Parents in preschool


We recognise parents as the first and most important educators of their children. Research shows that children learn better when their parents are involved. We have a rota system to include all parents/carers who would like to help in the group on a voluntary basis. This is usually found on the preschool notice boards and everyone is encouraged to help once a term after their child has settled into the group. This helps to maintain the individual care and attention for each child. You may read with the children or help with a planned activity or provide the essential extra support we need when going out for walks and visits. It gives you a chance to take an active part in the group, to see what happens there and talk about it afterwards with your child. It also gives your child an opportunity to see you in a new role. You can also assist us with fund raising e.g. collect vouchers, buy books from our book club or share a special skill with us like sewing or speaking another language.

Our preschool aims to support parents/carers and from time to time will send home information leaflets or arrange coffee and chat style information mornings where we can share more information with you.

You will be encouraged to share in your child’s progress and invited to a meeting with your child’s key person once a term. You can arrange any additional meetings as you would like and are welcome to share information with us at any time. It is really helpful to know that they didn’t sleep well last night or that they are really excited because Grandma is visiting.

We have two notice boards for each class. One displays certificate, dates etc and the other what is happening with reminders for the coming week. Downstairs is found outside the main playroom door and upstairs is inside the playroom. You will receive a termly letter with important dates, celebrations and notices.

Our big planning books are also kept out in the playroom for you to see what your child has been doing. There are also stickers for you to comment on how your child enjoyed an activity or make a suggestion about something they really enjoy by the planning book. Children with shared care e.g. go to a child minder or another setting, will have a home school book so that both settings can share information and progress the child is making. Please ask your key person at any time if you want to know what your child is doing.

We have activities throughout the school year to which you are invited, usually our Christmas church service, sports day and nursery rhyme challenge. We also have a Church run preschool committee with parents represented on the committee. Our AGM is held in January each year to which you are invited to attend.

Mobile Phones

We advise you to put the preschool telephone number (01202 686965) into your mobile phone so that you can contact us quickly in the event of  an emergency. That includes if you are running late.

A Parents Comment…

“I can always talk to the Aunties if I have any issues or comments.”