Starting Preschool

Settling in

Once you have accepted a place we will offer you an hour play session for you and your child, time to get to know us and have some fun.

We will choose one of the team to be your child’s key person, this is their special person who will settle and encourage your child, record their achievements and plan their next steps with you. They will build a folder for them with examples of their art work and photographs, their learning stories and progress. This folder is returned to you on your child’s last day and is a wonderful record of your child’s learning journey through the preschool years.

You will leave this session with forms to complete, from contact details and health questions to all about your child’s likes and dislikes etc. We will also agree a date for us to visit you at home to collect the forms.

At your home visit (about half an hour) the key person will play with your child, and the manager will chat through your completed forms and agree a day and times for them to start attending without you.

We are very happy to work at each child’s own pace to help them become settled into the group. For some this might mean they only stay for an hour for the first few sessions and build up to their planned attendance pattern, others are ready to stay longer from the beginning.

When your child stays for the first time without you they will be greeted by their key person who will ensure there is an activity or toy they would like.

We are always happy to share information with you at drop off and pick up times. We will plan a settling in chat with you after they have been attending for about 6 weeks and agree some steps to help them with their learning. We then offer termly parent/carer chats for information sharing, but you are always welcome to chat and ask questions at any time.

What to Bring

Sun hat – we expect every child to have a hat that stays in preschool from the beginning of April to the end of September, preferably a bucket or legionnaire style hat that covers the back of their neck and ears.

Coat – we go outside all year round so a warm rain proof coat is essential.

Backpack – Please also make sure your child brings a named bag containing spare clothes to every session, even if they are toilet trained, spills and accidents happen as they are learning to be independent and their own clothes are much more comfortable.

Lunch box – please see separate lunch information.

Drink bottle – with fresh water every day.

Book bag – available from Anne or Heather for £3.20, choose a book to take home with your child before their session starts.

Please put your child’s name on all items e.g. inside coats and hats and on the bottom of backpacks, lunch boxes.

Please do not provide your child with sweets or anything else to eat.

There is a box for children to keep items brought from home, these must be named. We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged valuables, jewellery, watches, toys etc

What to wear

Clothes – In order to feel free to explore and experiment with all kinds of materials, including messy ones it is best to send children dressed in clothes that are easily washable. It is good for children to practise the skills which will make them independent so simple clothing which they can handle themselves will enable them to learn to manage the toilet and to put on and take off outside clothing. (belts, braces and lots of buttons may look very cute but can be very difficult for them to manage)

Shoes – must have covered toes and enable children to run, climb and play, please no crocs or wellies as too many of the children trip in them.